About us

Gustavito Custom Drums

Producing custom, handmade drums, as well as accessories for music fans.

Shells are made from birch wood or acrylic plastic. Wooden drum shells can be ordered from 6mm thickness or more, while acrylic shells are fixed 6mm thick.

The depth (or length) of the drums are customer specified.

Shells are usually varnihed inside and fully customized (sanded raw, varnished, spray or hand painted, wrapped, polished…) on the outside. Metallic components, such as lugs, legs or extension slots are ordered from our partner, Tam Tam Dobcentrum or from abroad. We usually use Gibraltar, Magnum, Pearl or similar brands unless the customer specifies it. We can also equip the customer’s own metal components if requested.

Genuineness and guarantee

We offer warranty to all our products if the fault or damage is proven to be our mistake. We cannot take any responsiblity for any damage caused by improper or overuse, or negligent transportation by the owner.

All of our drums have a Gustavito logo sticker, the manufacturing date and the manufacturer’s signature on the inside. This serves as a genuine product indicator and a “birth certificate” for the instrument as well.

Lost instruments or parts

On a few occations, some customers leave their instruments or parts at our workshop, then they dissappear and won’t answer us anymore. In this case, we can store these products for at most 6 months.