Drum sets

What are they made of?

Our drum sets are commonly made of Siberian birch or crystal clear acrylic polymer. Birch shell consist of multiple 1 mm layers making the whole shell thickness approximately 6 mm. In case of special requests, the birch bodies can be made thicker. The acrylic polymer shell comes in 6 mm only.

What is customizable?

Wooden bodies can be customized in great variety. They can be stained, varnished or painted with fade or burst transition. The finish can be sparky, high-gloss, satinised or matte.

If requested, a custom picture can also be painted on the shell with airbrush or foiling.

Acrylic polymer customization can be implemented by laser engraving logos, names, or coat of arms. LED lights can also be assembled into the shell.

How do they sound?

Wooden shells usually make warmer and smoother sound then acrylic which is more solid, firm and sharp. They sound excellent in booth live and studio environment.