Japanese drums

What are these?

Taiko or Wadaiko means japanese drum. Today, this is considered more of a musical genre that’s usually played on these drums, often accompanied by visual performance.

What kinds do you make?

Gustavito Custom Drums makes several variants of Japanese drums. This includes:

  • Nagado Daiko
  • Shime Daiko
  • Katsugi Oke Daiko
  • Odaiko
  • Okedo Daiko
  • Hira Daiko

The size and color of the drums, and the stand designs are customizable.

How big are they?

All sized are fully cutomizable. From 10″ Shime Daikos, through 36″ Odaikos, to 60″ Hira Daikos anything is possible.

Where can I find them?

Gustavito Custom Drums makes and maintains instruments for Taiko Hungary, Dobolda, Budapest Japanese School, István Borbély taiko teacher and Alba Dojo (former Atarashi Kaishin Ryu Association)!