Prices are valid from 10. February 2022.

Drum shells

Incl. VATIncl. VAT
8″-10″62 EUR
12″-13″65 EURSnare drum shell77 EUR
14″78 EURSnare drum shell84 EUR
15″-16″93 EUR
18″98 EURBass drum shell110 EUR
20″110 EUR
22″122 EUR
24″132 EUR
26″144 EUR
28″192 EUR
36″226 EUR

Depth (length) is customizable!

Drum shells are varnished inside and sanded outside.
Colored (pickled) finish on the outside from 28 EUR/pc
Varnishing (glossy or silk) from 32 EUR/pc.

Custom paintjob or finish is available upon request. Prices depend on customer demands.

Wood hoops

Incl. VAT
18″, 20″, 22″, 24″ Bass drum hoop44 EUR
28″, 36″ hoop70 EUR
13″, 14″ snare wood hoop
112 EUR

Other drums

Incl. VAT

Shaman drum




Tunable drum head

142 EUR

159 EUR

174 EUR

+ 65 EUR

Bodhrán (Irish frame drum)



142 EUR

172 EUR

Marching drum (with custom color and straps)



from 265 EUR

from 280 EUR

Renaissance drum


219 EUR


16″ – 18″


160 EUR

187 EUR


Incl. VAT


30 bar, copper

20 bar, copper

130 EUR

106 EUR

Vibra slap

75 EUR

Conga case

hard plastic, with wheels

285 EUR


Incl. VAT
Conga Conga head replacement9″-10″from 56 EUR
10,5″-11″from 72 EUR
11″-tólfrom 76 EUR
Bongo head replacementsmall31 EUR
large37 EUR
Jembé head replacementrope strained head75 EUR
metal/screw strained head58 EUR
Other head replacementswooden and metal shellsdepending on sizefrom 25 EUR
Damaged, cracked congas, bongos, drumshellsContact us for quote

Additional repairs can alter the prices above. These will always be discussed after initial inspection!

Furniture and decoration

Incl. VAT

Tranditional rope strained drum table

Aliminium shell, wood hoops, animal skin drum head. The top surface is covered with a glass pane.

Manufacturing time: 1 – 1,5 month

Hoop diameter: 55cm
Height: 65cm
(can be changed upon request)

355 EUR

Bass drum coffee table

Wooden shell with varnished or wrapped surface. Colors are customizable. Lug and metal components are chrome plated or sintered to a custom color.

Manufacturing time: 1 – 1,5 month

Shell diameter: 45, 50 or 55cm

279 EUR 

Drum shelf

Wooden shell with customized surface. Shelves are made from wood or glass.

Manufacturing time: 1 month

25 – 30cm diameter

40 – 45cm diameter (with 2 shelves)

91 EUR

139 EUR

Drum pouffe and storage

Wooden shell with varnished or custom wrapped surface. Leatherette seat. Lugs and metal components are chrome plated or sintered to a custom color. Upon request, we can make the seat openable, so it can be used as storage.

Max. seat weight: ca. 120 kg

Manufacturing time: 1 – 1,5 month

189 EUR

Drum clock

Clockwise or anti-clockwise rotating variants with custom texts and black or white plastic drum heads (watchfaces)

Manufacturing time: 1 month

25, 30cm diameter

40 – 60cm diameter

75 EUR

Upon request, after a quote

Coffee table and pouffe set

738 EUR