Privacy policy

What personal data do we store and how we use them

Contact forms

The form found on the Contact us page requires an e-mail address and your name. These are mandatory so we can give an answer to you after you write to us. All of the contact information and e-mails are handled securely and are only used to personally communicate with our customers.


Gustavito Custom Drums website doesn’t use cookies.

The form found on the Contact us page uses reCAPTCHA to prevent spam e-mails through the contact form. reCAPTCHA is provided by Google. Their privacy policy can be found here.


This website collects anonymous visitor statistics, which will store the visitor’s IP address on our service provider’s server.

Who do we share personal data with?

Gustavito Custom Drums does not share any personal nor statistical data with any third parties.

How long do we store personal data?

Gustavito Custom Drums stores e-mail conversations for at most 3 years.

Deleteing your personal data

Upon customer request, we will delete all or requested e-mail conversations.

However, if the e-mails mentioned above contain custom or personalized order specifications (color, size, etc.) we will no longer be able to accept complaints claiming the product does not meet those customizations.